28 December, 2011

Sewing Kits for my Boys

I completed the sewing kits in time for Christmas. And they were very well received. 
I wanted to use tins, rather than baskets, to hold all of the notions. To avoid the smaller bits from getting lost. I just happened to find these retro fridge tins, the perfect size AND the perfect colours.

I am so pleased that one of the consistent things my boys have asked me for over the months, has been Their Own sewing kits. 

 Mr Turtle has a narwhal for his needle wallet image. And he chose for his kit to be blue.

 Little Pipkin has an echidna for his needle wallet image. And he chose for his kit to be red.

I thought they could further embellish and blanket stitch their needle wallets themselves, down the track. To really make them,  Their Own .

 I also gifted my boys, a selection of coloured wool felt pieces, to use as they pleased.

Little Pipkin has been making since Boxing Day. I took this photo this morning. 
He is in the process of creating : "a jug to hold lentils, that a baby can throw" (translation - a jug shaped small beanbag).

I am so, darn proud!


  1. this is so awesome! you're quite an inspiring mama. :)

  2. I love these sewing kits - and that they are so into them :-)

  3. Love! Yes, the kids having their own tools is a great way to inspire them to be more creative. I LOVE the retro tins. Perfect! I know I always love when my kids want to get crafty while I am. You and yours have a very Happy New Year!

  4. Those are wonderful present, what a clever idea! You found some great tins too!

  5. Wow, great gifts, I love presents that inspire creativity! Super cool tins too!

  6. What fabulous gifts for your children. No wonder you're proud :) I must admit Ikind of wish I had a jug to hold lentils that a baby can throw x


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