24 December, 2011

Queen B candle delivery and decorating candles for Christmas

When my nephew, J-man was here for the day. We decorated some delicious beeswax candles. A simple activity for any age child.

You see, a present for ME arrived this week. It took only 3 days from online order, to delivery. AMAZING at this time of year?!
I treated myself (well, all of us really) to a candle making delivery from wonderful, wonderful ~ Queen B.

Beeswax Blocks
Essential, quality bits to make our candles
Beeswax rub and tapers
Tools for creating our Christmas dinner table candles
Mr Turtle had been eating purple carrots.
Please excuse his stained fingers!
J-man's pressie for my beautiful Sister
Little Pipkin always seriously pursuing his craft
I'll see you again after Christmas.  
I wish you all a peaceful festive season and the creation of beautiful memories with your loved ones.


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  1. Such beautiful candles. I can almost smell that warm honey beeswaxy smell through your photos! I hope you and your family had a wonderful, wonderful Christmas.


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