22 December, 2011

Outdoor Adventures

We have been watching Steve Irwin episodes lately, and have discovered Bear Grills recently. 
My eldest, Mr Turtle, LOVES them both. To say the least.
He's always been animal mad, but I hadn't realised until now, the Adventuring spirit is well and truly within him.

So, we sent him along to the NatureWeavers (Forest) School these last couple of weeks. 
A wonderful experience for all of us.

As we drove up to where the school was being held, I stopped and took these photos. We were exclaiming what a Wonderland it was. 
And my Big Boy was able to explore and take it all in, over 5 mornings!

*  *  *
And then, yesterday we were here.
At a friend's family property in Black Mountain. 37 acres of Hinterland beauty.

Playing with clay from the creek bed.
Swinging on a vine hanging over the creek,
 to cross it.
Testing a fallen tree to use as a bridge
to cross the creek.
Mr Turtle kept setting himself challenges (his exact words). I must admit I was a little nervous. But he was in his element! I also got a real insight into what he had taken on and responded best to at NatureWeavers School.
And I'm guessing, the extreme confidence in himself and his abilities, were a reflection of the afore mentioned professional nature lovers.

 Little Pipkin insisted on following his brother's every move. Resulting in his 'first ever leech'. The blood resulted in a little distress and panic at the time. 

But once we got to the point of this photo. He was VERY excited at being the first one to be 'sucked by a leech', between himself and his brother.

Despite the loud voices of the children. The wet and soggy clothes and shoes. And the leech attack (*grins*). We adult girls managed to enjoy the beauty, peacefulness and tranquillity of the environment we were in. And appreciate the sheer nerve, excitement and awe exhibited by our children.

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