17 December, 2011

Little Pipkin irons

 I DO let my boys attempt things when I think they are capable and can achieve, safely.
I wrote a post about it, here.
Little Pipkin loves to do the housework. He feels very grown up and accomplished. And to be honest. I believe, if I encourage and teach him when he's interested, he'll learn some pretty good habits and will be able to look after himself well, when he has eventually flown away from our nest.

 As you can see. He likes to Iron. I am happy to let him, with the more uncomplicated items. And I also have been known to use this as a distraction technique. 
When the boys are growing restless. They begin to niggle and tease. I pull out an animal book for the eldest and the iron for the youngest.
It works a treat!

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  1. he's so cute! I also use similar distraction techniques for my brother. :) he feels grown-up, is learning good habits, I've got less stuff to do and I don't got too bores, so it's a win-win for both. :)


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