02 December, 2011

Lilli's Felt Dog

 One of Mr Turtle's best friends brought her new puppies to class a couple of weeks ago. Understandably, that's pretty much all the children are talking about (well, that and Christmas!).

On one of our super early mornings, when we have almost 4 hours before we need to leave for school, Mr Turtle asked if he could make a 'Lilli and her dog'? 
So we did:

 I cut out 2 basic dog shapes and he used scraps of felt for ears and 'spots'.

 He sewed and stuffed the dog himself.

 And then asked for a Texta to draw on a face.

 The black on the body is 'mud, because he likes to roll around and get dirty'.

 The reverse side of Lilli's dog.

And he made a Lilli doll too, on his own. I added the bows, 'because Lilli always has her hair up in some way'.

My boys have been asking for their own sewing kits for quite a while now. So that they can 'make without asking first'. I completely agree. They're ready. So, I'll share those with you soon. I'll have them ready in time for Christmas.

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