26 December, 2011

Joy's Knitted Kitten

 This adorable little kitten is now sitting quite at home at my cousin Joy's house.
A gift that took me a little too long to make. But was so rewarding when it he came to life!

I am not sure of it's sex or if it has a name... 
It's a Boy! And his (just perfect) name is: Spice

 I do know it's he's cheeky. Likes to get himself into mischief. And simply adores being cuddled.


  1. He/she is adorable! I just love the way 'it' looks ready to pounce! Well done. Is it your own pattern?

  2. How gorgeous!
    Wishing you a wonderful 2012

  3. Just gorgeous. Re Emma's comment above, I know there is a wonderful knitted cat pattern at Linda's blog, Natural Suburbia, if that helps. I have successfully knitted from her patterns - they are just great.

  4. Hi ladies!
    Thank you for your comments and Happy New Year to you and your loved ones ღ

    Emma - I knit my cats from a Steiner/Waldorf (kind of) pattern. That seems to be everywhere I look! (Google?) It's a larger rectangle, square and thin rectangle. It's the way you sew and stuff the cat/kitten that makes it all come together.
    However, if you would prefer a 'proper' pattern. Linda's etsy store (Mamma4earth) is most definitely the place to head to... for all manner of cleverly designed creatures! Or a book called 'Knitted Animals' by Anne-Dorthe Grigaff has lots of simple animal patterns.
    I would love to know down the track how you get on!

  5. How sweet! I made a kitten with the Waldorf pattern a few years ago. I couldn't give it away though. It was one of my first projects, and I was so proud. :)


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