08 December, 2011

How to make Felt Angels for Christmas ~Tutorial

Each angel took me just under half an hour.

The Original Model
Our Beautiful 'Aunty Bee' made and gave this darling angel to us a few years ago, for Christmas. Bee was going to show me how to make them, but time goes by and friends move away...
(Bee, if you're reading, We Miss You All!

So, after coming across pre-made angel wings in a discount store recently, I sat down this week to work it out myself.
Each angel consists of:
A long rectangle of felt measuring: 6cm (2.5") x 20cm (8")
A circle of felt diameter: 5cm (2")
2x 15cm (6") cotton pipe cleaners
1 x 20mm diameter wooden bead
1 set of wings (you could cut these from felt or waxes paper perhaps?
matching colour thread & metallic thread (gold or silver)
a very small amount of fleece for the hair

Bend the sharp wired ends of the pipecleaners inward, about 1cm (1/2") and twist them. This forms the hands and feet. And creates a soft, instead of pointed limb.

 Then twist the centre of the cross to form arms and legs. You can bend the feet a little if you like, to make the feet stand out a little.
You could also wrap the limbs with fleece or yarn.

 Oversew the short ends of the felt rectangle with matching coloured thread. This will make a cylindrical tube.

 Use 'dolphin' stitch (gathering stitch) all the way around one end of the tube.

Pull as tightly as you can, without breaking the thread. And tie off.

 Insert the pipecleaner limbs.

 Place the circle of felt over the pipecleaners and pinch together under the arms. This now looks like a semi-circle. Over sew under each arm in turn using matching colour thread.

 Glue a little fleece to the wooden bead. Making sure the holes are either side of the head, like ears would be (as opposed to up and down like the neck and top of head.)

 I missed a seperate photo here. But use a matching thread to gently tack the wings on to the back of the dress.
THEN, attach the head, sewing several times, through the whole dress, catching the pipecleaners as you go and using the bead hole to secure all together. You can use either matching colour thread or the metallic thread for this.

 For the halo/headband. Loop the metallic thread through the bead and then around the back of the head. Use a dot of glue to hold in place.

Put another dot of glue on the forehead of the angel and loop the thread around the front this time.
Then once more around the back and down through the bead hole. Pull thread tight and knot inside the dress.

Our completed Angel - reverse

Our completed Angel - front
 You could embellish her dress, or perhaps add a face if you like. Or, as was pointed out to me by my youngest, use short hair for a Boy Angel!

Tiny, sweet Angel we recently were taught to make in Craft Group
 - front

Angel we recently were taught to make in Craft Group
 - reverse
My fleece angel next to Mr Turtle's fleece angel. 
As you can see, we are creating our own Flock of Angels here at the moment.

 • . :°•..•°☆:.••


  1. Wonderful angel tutorial, I love working with needle felt and wool felt. Your angels all turned out beautifully!

  2. Thanks for sharing, oh so cool, cheers Marie

  3. Beautiful! Thank you for sharing them.

  4. I'm so pleased you all liked them. Enjoy Creating!

  5. Thanks for the tutorial, very beautiful.
    I'll do too.


  6. I found your blog and I liked it very much!! This work is fantastic!! I will follow you!! Best regards from Greece!!


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