30 December, 2011

Flower Seed Compost Shapes

Prior to Christmas, I had a lovely afternoon with my boys creating some flower seed compost shapes (or so we've called them).

 We used about 4 cups of compost and a large handful of air dry clay.

We tore the clay into tiny pieces and rubbed them into the compost (like rubbing butter into flour). Then added perhaps a cup of water, slowly, until the mixture combined. Finally I gently folded in all of the flower seeds by hand.

We took handfuls of the mixture and pressed it into the shape molds, until it was completely full and compressed. Similar to the process for making mud bricks. The resultant  firmness helped us to remove the molds and still keep the shape.

 We then left them to dry outside for a couple of days.

Then for every lucky recipient, we packaged a couple up in a box and presented it with absolute Love and Pride.
Ready to be planted at any time of the year here (Aside from not being natives, we chose our seed varieties carefully).


  1. These are such a wonderful, clever gift idea and they must have been great fun to make too! I hope you and your family are all set for gorgeous new year. I so look forward to reading about your creative adventures in 2012 xx

  2. This as fantastic! I will have to make these with my boys, they love to get all mucky in the garden planting. My beautiful boys are the same age as yours. I am loving your blogs so many great ideas. Thanks

  3. Thank you Sandi. The kids do love this one ♥


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