14 December, 2011

Child friendly, simple Bird Christmas decoration

 This is Little Pipkin's stuffed felt dove, with a love heart wing.
Almost completely hand-sewn (& stuffed) by himself.

This pattern was in our school craft folder, but could easily be re-created by cutting out 2x bird outline and 1x love heart for the wing, in an alternate colour.

 I threaded the needle and away he went. Sewing the wing on one side first.

 Concentrating hard.

 The wing is attached! Now to sew on the second side, leaving a gap for the wool stuffing.
(I am sure you could sew a wing on that side too, depending on your child's concentration span)

 Getting the wool stuffing right into the corners. 
Little fingers are handy for this (as are knitting needles).

I am sure they would make sweet gifts for the Grandparents to hang on their Christmas tree?

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  1. This is absolutely lovely. I love the concentration in the photos just as much as the beautiful bird at the end.

  2. Aw, what a lovely craft, and his sewing is so much better than mine!

    Also, fabulous t-shirt!

  3. Thank you everyone.
    He is a very patient little 3 1/2 year old!

    The rainbow t-shirts are so Happy aren't they? We get them from 2 of the many markets up our way.

  4. What a terrific project! It's always hard finding things that little ones can make to give that also capture their imaginations! Well done.

  5. No matter the age, when our little ones are capable and willing to have a go at something, I am more than happy to encourage and help them along. I agree Heather, sometimes finding a simple yet rewarding project for these enthused younger children can be a challenge.


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