22 November, 2011

Quiet morning, Drawing

We were having a rather tense morning.
It's the end of our first school year. 
It was the weekend, after a busy week.

We needed to change the energy, 
and so - headed outside.

The sheltered part of the garden, where we chose to sit.
(Mr Turtle determined to stay in his pyjamas)
Looking up at the canopy. Breathe. Sigh.
A look around first, to find 'inspirational subjects'
My original idea, was at first entertained.
Then, as always with children, they make an activity their own.

 Maps and pathways
Monster outline.
Water colour pencils are  for feet too.
And the real fun begins.


  1. thanks for the wonderful comment! I'm not sure why you couldn't find places to comment, as I see them under every post and I do get some comments. but you're not the first to say this so I'm getting a little concerned. :) btw, I love the stuff you do! these photos look really fun. :)

  2. I love the way these kinds of projects evolve. And what an inspiring garden to work in! Love the foot-art too :)


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