29 November, 2011

November 2011. Remembered as spent Outdoors.

Last year was our first November, living in Queensland. I have been going back through my posts from the end of last year. While looking at the photos, I am remembering the weather. Lots and lots of rain!

This year so far, has been very different. I would say, perfect weather for us.
Below are a few snippets of how we've spent this last month, as yet another wonderful year is becoming a memory too...

View from our front balcony. Canopy alive with bird life.
Rainbow lorikeets
Katydid Leaf insect came to visit
The pool has become a central part 
of our daily rhythm.
One of four brushtail possums
that regularly run about our new Eumundi home.
A recent visit to Nan's. All of my boys are 'helping'.
Making leaf boats one early morning
along Gympie Tce
The curtain fig at Noosaville.
Next to the 'Pirate park' on Noosa River.
It's easy to spend an entire day there.
Last night, we had our Surprise Campfire,
as it was dubbed. Followed by a warm,
night time swim.
I truly hope you've created some wonderful memories this November too.



  1. love seeing the pics of your boys - the eldest one looks so much like Uncle Bryan :) xxxxx

  2. Oh my goodness, you seem to be living in a kind of tropical paradise. Such beautiful, beautiful pics! I love the katydid especially :)

  3. Yes Joy, he does look a lot like Dad. They also have the same colour eyes... ღ

    Anna - We Do! I feel so blessed since having decided to move up here. The Sunshine Coast is such a fabulous place to live.


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