07 November, 2011

Noosa Botanical Gardens

Quite often, usually on a Sunday, we visit the Noosa Botanical Gardens.
20 acres of gardens, paths and wildlife ~ and not far from home.

I actually think we may be breaking the rules a little bit, by bringing the scooters. But they have become an essential part of our 1-2 hour explorations.

There are so many peaceful and beautiful places to experience.

 The amphitheatre (which usually is the location of a wedding or two, on a Sunday) is breathtaking!
With Lake McDonald in the background, this is a magical place.

 Alongside is the cactus garden. And some great rocks to climb, within it.

 Speaking of climbing...
Mr Turtle has a 'favourite tree' most places we visit when we're Out and About...

 I love this little pond.

 Sweet Gum pods. I've seen people fill the small holes with toothpicks to make a star decoration. I'm sure there might be many crafty uses for them. I would love to know if you have another idea?

 We like to eat our lunch here.
As soon as you sit down, turtles come swarming. Can turtles swarm? If so, this is the place for it. There are so many!

I let the boys throw in a single torn piece of bread each. Ordinarily we're pretty strict on not feeding the wild fauna. At home especially. But here it really is so exciting. And we only eat what we feel is good bread ~ I hope that makes it ok.


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