24 November, 2011

Natural Suburbia & Mamma4earth Christmas Giveaway!

Linda at Natural Suburbia and Mamma4earth, has put together more of her beautiful toys, yarn and patterns for another super generous giveaway. 
Just in time for Christmas.

Her Giveaway consists of:

1. One South African knitted Lion
2. One knitted chicken
3. One Aardvark Pattern
4. One Unicorn Pegasus Pattern
5. One skein of Rainbow Yarn

I love all of these wonderful items, I can immediately think of a friend and purpose for each of them! 
I am especially taken with the colours in the skein of rainbow yarn.

Here's the link : http://naturalsuburbia.blogspot.com/2011/11/mamma4earth-christmas-giveaway.html so you can put your name down too!

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