25 November, 2011

Making Damper Biscuits...All by themselves

Yesterday my eldest was up and about at 4:30am. This morning it was 4:10am. So, we have plenty of time to do all sorts of things in the mornings... 
Like my saying 'Yes' to the request of "Can we make our own Damper Mama?"

I knew the boys would be eating this. So I would rather they use good ingredients.

In true-ish Aussie damper style. The ingredients list consisted of only (Organic Wholewheat SR) flour, (Himalayan Rock) salt and (filtered) water.

I have no real idea of quantities!

Mr Turtle adding more flour so that he can roll it out. While his brother watches on.
This was about the time I realised that these would be biscuits. Not quite the damper bread I was expecting. I love their creative little minds.

They used their play-dough shape cutters.

Sweeping, wiping up and doing the dishes followed.
I would be giving a false impression if I led you to believe this was a common occurrence. 
I was surprised and VERY pleased! Especially as I didn't so much as suggest it.

The majority of these were eaten through the day. 
This was their first ever baking project that I have let them do completely by themselves (well, I was in charge of the oven). I am so proud and plan to keep encouraging this type of activity, especially with the cleaning up included!

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  1. Well done to your little lads :-) I would never have thought to make damper biscuits! We just posted about damper the other week too - http://happywhimsicalhearts.blogspot.com/2011/11/recipe-aussie-damper-and-dinosaur.html - damper makes me think of my childhood :-)

  2. I had a look at your post too. Very appropriate! ღ


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