24 November, 2011

How to make a French Knitter (Knitting Nancy)

Doesn't this look gorgeous? 
The changing colours in the wool are a wonder to my children as they work.
The yarn we have used is beautifully hand-painted and 

is available from Jo at Indigo Inspirations.

 The french knitting frenzy that has taken over our home, 
began with an unexpected parcel in the mail from Poppy - my Dad.

 Inside the above parcel was a wonderful surprise. 
He made each of us our own Knitting Nancy (French Knitter)!
(There were 3, only my boys had opened their parcels at the point of 

photographing and I hadn't yet got to mine.)

I had to pop this genuine photo in.
My ever so patient little guys were just dying to see 
what Poppy had sent.
"It takes so long, you're always taking photos Mama!".
(Yes, I am. I have a terrible memory. 
I love pictorial reminders, so much  )
 Poppy's very generous and much loved gifts were slightly small for us beginners. 
So, we made our own larger version. To practice on.

Masking tape.  
Wooden ice-block sticks
A firm cardboard inner tube from baking paper I think it was. 
(I always keep these tubes for projects that may suddenly require them. 
See my Simple telescope post or Little Pip's painting, for example)

 Each of the four sticks are directly opposite each other. 
Measured by eye, where to place them and at which height. 

 The masking tape holds them in place nice and firmly.

How to begin knitting...

 Thread the end of the yarn down the centre of the tube.

Wrap the yarn in a clockwise direction, around each of the four sticks.

 Then bring the loose yarn, attached to the ball end, 
around the starting stick for the second time.

Pull the bottom loop over the new top loop.
Repeat on the second, third and fourth sticks.
Then repeat. Around and around. Over and over...

 Little Pipkin (4) now has the hang of it. 
Although he regularly pulls it all apart to begin again.

 Mr Turtle is listening to Roald Dahl's 'The BFG' (for the second time).
He loves audio books, 
but likes to do something with his hands (just like his Mama).

If you would rather a ready-made sweet little French Knitting Nancy Tool, 
like this one pictured. (Isn't it just gorgeous?) 
You can find them at Indigo Inspirations, with the rainbow wool too.

Happy Knitting!

I have linked with Natural Suburbia this week.
Pop on by to be inspired by other's shared creative-ness...


  1. Hello Hinterland Mama, thanks for stopping by my blog to say hello.

    What a great gift to you all from 'Poppy', and a good idea of yours to upsize so the magic's not lost. I love the look of concentration on your little one's face as he listens and does his handwork.

    Did you make your cute embroidered gnomes from Jo's felt?

    Do you homeschool your boys?

  2. Hi Nanette!
    Yes, Jo's felt is all around me. At home, at school and we use it in our Craft group too :)
    No, I don't homeschool, in the conventional sense anyway. We're always helping our boys to learn everything their heart desires. But my eldest, Mr Turtle, goes to the local Steiner/Waldorf school. We all love being part of that community.

    Thanks for coming to say Hi ღ

  3. What a great idea. P has been asking to help me knit, so this would be great for her.

  4. I loved doing this at school, what fun! I love the rainbow wool too

  5. Great project (and anytime you want icord for a project, you have a proper little factory going on!)

  6. I love the idea of the larger one for little hands. I have one which I was given a sa gift but it's too small and fiddly for the children - I bet they'd love to have a go with a bigger one.

    Have a great weekend


  7. I've been looking for some ideas on making a knitting nancy for some Christmas presents - so this is great! Did your dad use door handles? Warm wishes, Kelly

  8. What a great idea, and a fun project. Lucky kids!

  9. Thanks for your comments everyone. They're so great (& simple) for the kids to make for themselves too, as gifts for their friends.


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