06 November, 2011

Fun Fruit Kebabs

Fruit is fun to eat anyway.

But if you are happy to let (or help) your children use these sharpened kebab sticks, 
you could make snack time into an activity too.

 Sometimes we might chop up cucumber, cheese, cherry tomatoes, olives, celery, capsicum... all sorts of softer vegetables. This is a slightly different spin for lunch or dinner. 
This can be a way to include your children in making dinner (for friends, party guests or to cook later on the BBQ).
Or perhaps just to encourage them to eat some raw foods.
Spearing peas can be challenging fun...

 We love kebab sticks around here. 
They make every food fun.

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  1. oh yum...we spent many years doing just as you described....thumbs up....yummy blueberries and strawberries. ♥


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