18 November, 2011

Felt book covers~ for Grown-Ups and Children alike

I have been inspired! As I'm sure you can see. Perhaps I have gotten a little carried away?
I have been thinking of making Felt notebooks (needle books, story books, photo albums, book covers) for such a long time. And once I received the wonderful parcel from Regina, (see post here), I got the bug.

I am finding creating these so much fun! The ideas are coming from the materials themselves. Even better for me, than a blank canvas.

Toadstools on my hand-dyed, thrifted wool blanket.
It was the dye colours that made me think 'faerie garden'.
Op-shop found sheets and fabric, sewn onto a fulled jumper.

The bird was already coincidentally shaped,
a piece left over from other projects - what a find!
I actually had these circles cut out amongst a larger pile,
for some flowers I still haven't made. But they look
quite effective like this, I think?

My first ever Owl piece.
I love the branch going to the back of the book.
Sewn onto a fulled, thrifted  jumper.

More thrifted fabric, on a hand-dyed piece of that blanket!
The roof was a found piece in my scrap bag
and the design followed from there.

It was the hand-dyed felted blanket that inspired the ocean theme.
Perhaps for sketching down at the beach?
Another go at an owl. I like this colour combination.
On a piece of that same, wonderful blanket.
Inside the Owl in the Night Sky book.
Inspired by the cut out pieces for my embroidered gnomes.
The cover piece of felt was from my attempt at flower dyeing.
I do hope you see my mimicry as a compliment, Regina. Recognised as a form of flattery.
I just LOVED the notebooks you sent:

I have linked in with The Magic Onions, Friday's Nature Table, this week.
If you're looking for some creative inspiration, this may be the perfect place to start!


  1. your hand sewing is much nicer than my own! i am still mastering basic embroidery but have been going at it with gusto! i have been a bad blogger lately because of energy levels waning with the growth of this belly but i have much in mind for december including all the felt that was inspired by you!!!

  2. Beautiful, I especially like the sleepy owl and the starfish

  3. Lovely ideas. I especially like how you've dyed that blanket in so many different ways !

  4. they ARE your canvas! nice work. you can always give them out as xmas presents!

  5. I am really enjoying the blank canvas of the felt books and gnomes. I'm so happy you like them too ღ


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