04 October, 2011

Love Heart Swap ~ Toadstool House

I have wanted to join in on an international craft swap for the longest time. I had started considering looking into this idea more just a few months ago, when one came along on it's own, that was just perfect. 
The Universe really does provide, doesn't it?
Linda, who beautifully writes one of my favourite blogs ~ Natural Suburbia ~ suggested a swap that I felt was just perfect for my first time: Sending LOVE HEART SWAP:-  "Anything crafty and made with Love". Ideal!

I quickly signed up and spent the next 2 weeks changing my mind back and forth and back again, once I found out who my swap partner was: Regina who blogs at ~ and a baby makes four... . 
Hmm, a knitter, so I'll choose another craft then...

None of  you are surprised I chose to needle felt?

Detail of door & vines

Detail of wildflowers
Surprise heart on the base
Although I had originally decided on Autumnal colours,
bright colours ended up working their way in, instead.
Maybe it was the Spring change in the air at the time I was Making. 
I sure hope Regina and her boys enjoy my Toadstool House. My boys and I were so excited posting it off with a few other goodies to America!

Other amazing creations for this wonderful and successful swap can be found at Natural Suburbiahere and here. Go on and check them out. 
I am so grateful I was able to be included!

When my own surprise swap gift arrives I'll share it with you. Poor Regina found Australia's posting guidelines fairly restrictive, where her creative ideas were concerned. I hope the mail gods will smile upon her parcel soon.


  1. I love the colours so much! I knew you would make something wonderful when I saw the sneak preview you gave a while back - gorgeous! x x

  2. It is gorgeous....I especially love the door and the flowers up the side....you are very clever xox Jo

  3. i really must blog about it- it has been crazy here though- the boys LOOOVED it. the older decided it was where the kitchen cleanup fairy should live so it is sitting on our kitchen windowsill (so the kitchen fairy can go out to visit the garden when she wants) alternatively the young one decided it was a microphone and climbs up and sings to the dishes in the sink!
    I do hope your package arrives soon! i did send it slow post but sheesh it seems like it is taking forever! i should really remember where i put the confirmation page and check on it!

  4. Such sweet comments Ladies, thank you so much. It was such fun to be a part of the swap and to see what would be the finished piece after much thought and play!

    Hi Regina. Lovely to have an up-date! I am pleased as punch that your own boys love it. Does the magic door act like a portal to the outside world? LOVE the way kid's minds work. I can also see how it would become a microphone ~ why of course! Sounds like I have contributed to a happy kitchen - the HEART of the home of course, perfect ღ
    I'm sure the parcel will arrive at just the right time, when I'm in most need to receive it. Thanks for writing!


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