02 October, 2011

Felt Shapes, Felt Animals & Felt Boards

 When Mr Turtle was very young and Little Pipkin was still waiting to join us, I found the time to hand-sew felt animals and cut out felt shapes, to play with on felt boards. This was an activity I adored as a child (My own Mama did the same thing). 
Mr Turtle though, rarely ever sat down long enough to play felt pictures with me. Perhaps I expected too much of a pre-2 year old?

Mr Turtle is now 5 and Little Pipkin is 3. Now they both really enjoy felt picture play.

I have so much going on right now that hand-sewing all of the creatures and characters the boys request, seems an out of reach achievement for me at the moment. So, although these pre-made felt boards would usually be my second choice for a variety of reasons. At $5 each, I couldn't resist them in a supermarket visit.
(Ordinarily I would prefer to buy something like this, 2nd hand.)

However, the boys LOVE them. 

Sometimes it comes down to 'time available' vs 'my ideal world' 
This time, the boys are happy - then so am I.


  1. These felt boards are very strong in my memory of childhood....they were my favourite things....so many stories to play out....love them xx Jo

  2. I have regular flash backs to my childhood too Jo, whenever the boys get these out. Agreed. Wonderful memories and I'm so happy to be passing this play on to my own children. ღ

  3. These boards look great - I can't wait till my grandson is into felt boards. How old are your boys?


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