23 September, 2011

A wooden doll named 'Peter Blue'

This was another one of those days when I sat down to muddle out a crafty idea from my own mind and it turns out instead into a craft project with the kids! However, they both get such joy from it, how can I be disappointed?

Mr Turtle wanted to sew BLUE clothes for one of the wooden dolls laying on the table. BLUE is his new favourite colour. It has been RED for the past few years. 

Happily, we had a few blue coloured pieces of felt. 
I traced around the doll onto the felt, very roughly. The hat was drawn freehand. I threaded the needle with his chosen thread and made the first stitch. The rest was all Mr Turtle.

 I'm not sure where Mr Turtle got the name 'Peter Blue'. Although it does sound reminiscent of Elsa Beskow.

 With a little less patience than his brother, Little Pipkin wanted to make a doll too. Only, this one doesn't have a name yet. Not a bad effort for an almost 3 1/2 year old methinks. 


  1. Peter Blue is just gorgeous! You are an inspiration, thank you for sharing:)

  2. That is just soooo cute......Peter Blue is just gorgeous, he has done an amazing job. ♥ Jo

  3. Child-made dolls have such a distinctive look! These are just wonderful.

  4. I am completely loving that my boys are getting even more interested in crafting, as they grow. Eventually I am sure we'll all be working on projects alongside each other. I can't wait to see what they'll soon teach me!


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