21 September, 2011

Traffic light coloured ~ Real Fruit Iceblocks (Icy poles, Ice Lollies, Popsicles...)

 With the Hot weather we have been having, what better snack to cool off than, Pure fruit iceblocks
Not one other thing added. 
Quite simple really. 
You just need a bit of patience (and so will the children!)

Pineapple and Passionfruit
Kiwi fruit & Apple
 Work out  which fruits you would like to layer. Blend the first and put into the Iceblock container and then freeze for a few hours. Repeat with as many layers as you would like to add. Once the whole iceblock container is full and frozen ~ Remove and Enjoy!


  1. Oh my, I am looking forward to some hot days!! It's cold and windy here in Tassie again - but in 3 weeks we are heading up your way (well not quite, but closer!) and I am hoping for some lovely hot singlet and skirt weather! The ice blocks look delicious and I bet your boys think they are the bees knees!!

  2. They look and sound wonderful. What a great summer treat... Xox Jo

  3. This looks delicious and so much fun to make!
    Thanks for the inspiration.

  4. I'm making these tonight - it even encouraged me to clean out the tupperware cupboard so I could find the iceblock moulds set ! I can't wait to eat them. Love Aunty Mellie xx

  5. All of our iceblocks have been devoured! Time to (find time and) make some more.
    Thank you for your gorgeous comments everyone. Happy to have inspired you ღ


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