29 September, 2011

Tewantin Water Park

The Tewantin Water Park (at Noosa Marina) is open! 

I had wondered how my 'big guys' would react to the multitude of assorted fountains shooting water up into the air. That now have replaced the paddle pool, formerly in this space for many, many years.

 The glee is evident. 
Only sheer, pure delight.

And then we were joined by my gorgeous little nephew, J-man.
Watching his reaction - of pure fascination - was my sheer delight!

Perfectly, this almost 2 year old little guy found the only mud there was to be found. He ran back and forth, getting dirty, washing it off. Getting dirty, washing it off...

So, the 3 cousins had a Wonderful time (& so did their parents in this shaded, fenced, well thought out area). The cool breeze made it a little too cool to stay wet, but it certainly didn't stop the play, fun or giggles to be had.


  1. oh sounds lovely.....water and fountains of it at that, and little ones - what a great combination. xox Jo

  2. I think it may be a favourite stop off point through the coming months!


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