18 September, 2011

Pipecleaner (Chenille Stick) necklace

This is another one of those crafts that my boy came up with on his own. 
He asked if I had any beads that might have a hole large enough to fit on the pipe cleaners?
(These are 100% cotton ~ available from most tobacconists at a rather inexpensive price for those of you looking out for them.)

Little Pipkin sat and threaded ever so carefully. Once finished, together we made a loop and hook at the ends. He is able to hook and unhook the necklace himself, in the mirror. Which he has been doing all day!


  1. Clever boy! Thats great idea for those clumsy little fingers that just can't thread onto wool!

  2. So gorgeous. I love little Pipkin's (and Mr Turtle's) love of colour and craft. That necklace is awesome. Love Mellie xx

  3. Thank you everybody!
    (You're too sweet Angela, hope you're enjoying your necklaces ♥)


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