14 September, 2011

Our Hand~made Birthday Gift for 6 year old 'R'

I am a big believer in hand-made gifts.
(Especially if who you're giving them to, will enjoy them)

My eldest, Mr Turtle, was recently invited to a classmate's 6th Birthday party.
And I felt so proud when he asked, "What can we make to give 'R', Mama?"

So the morning began: 

Mr Turtle drawing and painting, using his Art Box, while Mama was making breakfast. 
Yes, this Narwhal, under a sun setting sky, in a cool green-blue sea was created at about 7am.
I have to add, the reason he drew a narwhal, is because "R likes Unicorns". 
That's lateral thinking right there!

 The remainder of this gift was also very uplifting for this proud Mama.

 Mr Turtle has been asking me to Needle Felt for a while now. His brother, Little Pipkin was napping, so I agreed to help him try this craft.
Needless to say - I think he did an extraordinary job! 
Mr Turtle wanted to make a flower, and then decided on a leaf, with a stem. "Because R likes Nature.
I think he succeeded".

 All the while Mama was creating on her own. A wool felt treasure bag. Because all kids have treasures they need to carry safely, right? And his teacher had given me the hint that 'R' liked horses (Ah! So now we see the Unicorn connection). 
Since our first foray into finger knitting, Mr Turtle has become quite skilled at it. 
Between my hand-sewing and the rhythm of his chain work. We made quite a calm and serene pair. It wasn't to last, once Mr Pipkin awoke. But by then the gifts were complete and ready to GIVE to the recipient on his special celebration day.

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