16 September, 2011

Needle Felted Spring Maiden? Introducing 'Lady Spring' ღ

There are definite similarities between my Autumn Harvest Mother -> Mother Earth experience 
and this Spring doll for our Seasonal Nature Table.

At craft group over the last few weeks we have all been creating our Spring Maidens.
Bright fleece colours were spread across our working table. 
Our mentor guiding us through the process; Fleecing and Needle felting. 
Thoughts & chatter of youth and purity hummed in the air.

And then I took my unfinished 'Maiden' home to finish.

You can see what happened next! 
Thoughts of new life and fertility crept into my mind as the product of Spring.

 So, instead. Introducing my "Lady Spring". 
Absolutely Full of Life. 
Frivolity (see, she's dancing?). 
& Happiness.

Her beautiful rainbow river of hair is from Indigo Inspirations.

So now we have Spring Girls as we change the Seasonal Table. 
Cheering away the darker colours of winter and giving a sense of music in the air.


  1. She is divine...something wonderful about a woman in full bloom!

  2. She is beautiful! So fresh and filled with life in all senses of the word!! I am really going to have to have a go at needle felting. I've always though it would be too hard or time consuming but at the rate you churn then out ;o) maybe I could manage one or two!!
    PS - Thankyou x x x

  3. How beautiful, I love seeing all of your new needle felt!

  4. I love her! What a beautiful image and celebration of Spring.


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