09 September, 2011

My successful Yorkshire Pudding Recipe & Tips

My own Mama is a Yorkshire lass, born and bred.
So, I was brought up with Yorkshire puddings & Gravy being an absolute necessity when having a Roast Dinner (no matter if one ate the roasted meat or not!).
I'm sad to say that, I have not carried on this tradition, primarily due to the dangers involved with having little ones about my ankles whilst working in the kitchen.
Now however. My 'little ones' are aged 3 & 5 and I am able to ask them to 'stand back' (and usually, they listen!).
So "Yorkshers" are back on the menu!!!

 Our family has no traditional recipe, we add and mix by eye. However I am writing to impart some valuable tips which guarantee inflated & crunchy Yorkshire Puddings, hopefully, each time.

Mix equal parts of plain flour, milk & eggs. (Not equal weight. Equal quantity. Eg. 1/3 cup of each ~ dependant on how many you require. I always measure the eggs first)
So, mix egg & milk, add a splash of olive oil, then whisk in your flour (I use ATTA FLOUR; a well sifted wholemeal flour that gives extra lift!)

Leave this batter to sit while you pour oil into your muffin tray. About 1/5 high in each pan. Put tray in an extremely Hot oven (don't be shy, Turn It Up!)
After 5 minutes, the oil will be HOT, So please, please **BE Careful**!

Pour batter about 1/3 high in each pan and put the tray straight back in the Hot oven until the Yorkshire Puddings are risen and golden brown. They need to be cooked through to hold their shape. If you like them super crunchy (but they'll also be quite dry), you can leave them even a few more minutes longer - but don't burn them!

Lavishly adorn with gravy and serve with your scrumptious roasted vegies & meat if you're that way inclined!



  1. Oh yum...my grandfather always made Yorkshire pudding when I was a child and I have never had it since, thanks for sharing.

  2. So, thats a Yorkshire Pud! Sounds easy and looks nice and crunchy!
    Ps - you wont believe me when I tell you I've finished my hooky roll - but I have!! Remember my kids are now older = more time!!

  3. Oooh, they look fantastic! My mum and I are incapable of making a yorkshire that isn't flat and solid - like a hockey puck... A bit of a shame since her dad was a master baker who could make them rise in his sleep ;)

  4. Oh yes, the elusive perfect Yorksher!
    My Mama and her Uncle are the masters. It took me a while to perfect them when I left home. But I still seem to have the knack, even with lack of practice.
    Happy you have all enjoyed the post ღ

  5. Yum!! My mister is Yorkshireman & on a second date he made a roast with veg and Yorkshire puds, they were amazing!! I've just shown him your post and as he read it he commented "ah she's a Yorkshire Lass" and I said "well, her Mama is" and he replied "So she is" : ) Thanks for sharing!

  6. Now that sounds like a great date! My Man made me soup on our 2nd date and I was extremely impressed. "From Scratch?" said I. He frowned and said "Of course!" ;)
    Yorkshire is a wonderful part of the world. I've spent some time there and am lucky enough to have spent it with our family. ღ


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