02 September, 2011

Living things are emerging, now that Spring has Sprung

I ordinarily wait until Equinox to announce "Spring is here!". However, it was a few weeks ago, when all of us noticed a change in the air. 
The nights were warmer. The flowers were blooming - bright and colourful. The rain, though intermittent, began.

All of the pictures below have been taken over the last week. As you can see, Spring has Sprung around here and all manner of Mother Earth's beautiful living creatures are emerging...
10ft Python - Next door

This big guy was so placid. He was quite happy to have us watch him and take photos.

6ft Python - Our back yard

This little fella was not so nice. 
Hissing and positioning himself to strike, so a single photo had to be enough!

6ft Python - Nearby home, Eumundi
 Another wonderfully placid fellow.
He was discovered when My Man stepped on him (!) when we were out house hunting.

Aren't children observant?
These prints had disappeared not long after the sun came up this morning. 
Possum prints in the morning dew, discovered by Mr Turtle during the time when Grown Ups were hustling and bustling before school.

Out house hunting again. Of course this is where my boys want to move to! A family of kangaroos, just eating grass on the side of the road, in Doonan.

 A Sleepy Skink lizard, has taken up Larry's position under our front decking.

Certainly not so nice. 
This tick was removed during the week, from Little Pipkin's shoulder!
Many folks around here lose their pets to ticks. 
An awful little creature, commonplace up here.

Just some of the extraordinary flowers, blooming in our garden right now.
Apologies, I don't know the proper names for them all.

I hope each of you are enjoying the changes of the season, whether it be 
Bright and Beautiful Spring or 
Golden, Twirling Autumn!


  1. wow - what an interesting week you have had. That first one is so shiny, straight out of shedding it's skin. Pretty exciting having kangaroos near by but be warned they eat everything...
    Happy house hunting ♥Jo

  2. Happy Spring to you!!
    My goodness those Pythons look scary and to have them in your backyard, amazing! I just love the colours of your flowers, so beautiful.
    Take care

  3. Thanks so much for posting those Diamond Python pics - when we lived in NSW we had lots too and they are the most beautiful creatures! I actually quite miss seeing them over summer and your post brought back some lovely memories.

  4. Beautiful snake. Yes I am breathing in the Spring here in Sydney. Can I please add your blog to EARLY PLAY AUSTRALIA which is trying to connect all those with young children and working with young children in Oz?

  5. Hello everyone! Thank you for all of your beautiful comments.

    Thank you Jo for the heads up on Kangaroos. I haven't lived with them before.

    I love the colours of the flowers too Linda. I have so many bright and beautiful ones in my garden year round. I really need to sit down some time with a book and identify them with my boys!

    I agree Evi. I am not scared of the pythons at all. They are truly beautiful. Might be a different story if I came across one of the more aggressive species known to lurk around here.

    Lesley - welcome! I am happy to know you enjoy my blog. I have liked you fb page, some lovely links there. Please feel free to include me in the fun you're having over at Early Play Australia! ღ

  6. A lovely friend has just emailed me with the names of our flowers!
    1) crucifix orchids
    2) still a puzzle...
    3) acacia hubbardiana (most Aussies would recognise this as a wattle, or acacia, but her hubby actually knew the species!)
    4) match stick bromiliad (I've seen these ones around in a few different colours, aren't they amazing?)

    So thanks Arzu! & hope that helps anyone else who maybe was wondering ღ

  7. I guess your kangaroos are like our deer here. Omnivores! I am not big on snakes to be honest. I had a hard time with my 2 ft. fox snake. Your pythons would make me very uncomfortable. Happy Spring! I am loving Fall myself.



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