11 September, 2011

Hammer-pressed Flower Prints

My boys like nothing more than physical activity. 
It is rare to see them sitting still and when they're not, 
they're climbing, jumping, rolling, banging about, wrestling... 
I can't blame them, on these warmer days, motivation To Do~ wells up within us all.
Admittedly, it all gets too much for this Mama at times!

But I had an inspiration last night, for a nicely balanced, nature-based activity. 
Whilst reading Amanda Blake Soule (with Stephen Soule)'s newest book to treasure: 
Mr Turtle began by gently tapping and perhaps,
got the best results: see below.

Little Pipkin was more heavy handed, and had a ball!
Including herbs into the mix, gave a
scent element to the activity .
Such a gorgeous card and special project.

My boys were outside gathering and sharing. 
Then inside, again sharing the single hammer 
(until one of them thought to get the rolling pin!) . 
They had a wonderful time and also produced another arty item to be proud of.

The Soule family are truly an inspiring bunch, are they not? 
I guess they do have 5 children and live close to nature without many of the modern day distractions many of us have. 
They were bound to think of creative ways to be!



  1. They are beautiful Aleta....I bet they had fun making then too....double bonus ♥Jo

  2. what a fun activity, i look after some little boys who would love this!

  3. That looks fun, and I like the outcome, very natural and beautiful :)

  4. Gosh, what a great idea, thanks for the inspiration! Those cards turned out so pretty!

  5. We love this activity too. May daughter finds the hammer a little unwieldy so prefers a smooth stone for her pounding device but we get the same beautiful results. Such fun!


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