28 September, 2011

Half of my craft room

This is only half of my craft room, boxed up! It's amazing how packing up a home can give a different perspective of your belongings. 
I was looking at this pile and thinking ~ I have to 'stop buying', and 'start making and selling'! 
Oh my, but I just can't pass up any item I may be able to create with later.
However, I won't have to will I? Because anything I buy would be an investment toward further sales.


  1. We moved recently and I had very similar thoughts to you with all the craft boxes. So many of them.

  2. I on the other hand don't think I could ever move again. I have so much 'stuff' and I take over the whole house and the verandah.
    Break open those boxes!!!!

  3. I love the refreshing feeling and excitement of moving house. It IS a HUGE job, but I always look forward to it when we do.
    Although, I am noticing that we have accumulated A LOT over these last 6 years since we returned to Australia. We'll either have to slow down the collecting of 'things' or not move so often. 14 times (I think) since 1998!


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