30 September, 2011

September Favourite Photo 2011

On our way to a craft session this month.
My littlest dressed in his first copied outfit of his older brother.
Yesterday, matching rainbow outfits.
This trend has continued for these last few weeks.
Mr Turtle chooses a theme (here, 'Rainbow boy'). Mr Pipkin copies.
We get many, many comments.

From this month.
This moment is forever preserved.
To be remembered always.

Sweet Memories

29 September, 2011

Tewantin Water Park

The Tewantin Water Park (at Noosa Marina) is open! 

I had wondered how my 'big guys' would react to the multitude of assorted fountains shooting water up into the air. That now have replaced the paddle pool, formerly in this space for many, many years.

 The glee is evident. 
Only sheer, pure delight.

And then we were joined by my gorgeous little nephew, J-man.
Watching his reaction - of pure fascination - was my sheer delight!

Perfectly, this almost 2 year old little guy found the only mud there was to be found. He ran back and forth, getting dirty, washing it off. Getting dirty, washing it off...

So, the 3 cousins had a Wonderful time (& so did their parents in this shaded, fenced, well thought out area). The cool breeze made it a little too cool to stay wet, but it certainly didn't stop the play, fun or giggles to be had.

28 September, 2011

Half of my craft room

This is only half of my craft room, boxed up! It's amazing how packing up a home can give a different perspective of your belongings. 
I was looking at this pile and thinking ~ I have to 'stop buying', and 'start making and selling'! 
Oh my, but I just can't pass up any item I may be able to create with later.
However, I won't have to will I? Because anything I buy would be an investment toward further sales.

26 September, 2011

Some of my favourite etsy shops ~Sept 2011

As our house is in complete disarray, having just moved home over the weekend. I thought I'd use the laptop to have a bit of fun perusing etsy over tonight's dinner. 
New craft projects have been boxed up this last week and the camera temporarily traded for packing tape!
So, here are a few of my favourite etsy shops. I only wish I could afford to regularly support them all! 
I hope I help you to discover some previously unknown, yummy goodness.

SPICE Vintage Fabric
FABBITS for vintage fabric

Floral Burst Wall Art
box64studios for paper craft (& love those clipboards!)

Sprout Leafy
littledear for embroidered lovelies & gnomes

The Fairy Feast (print of fleece painting)
dariaIvovsky for Needle Felted everything

Childrens Hat vintage doily
guildmaker for funky children's clothing

Knitting Mushroom & Hand-painted wool
IndigoInspirations for crafty supplies, toys & tools

Queen Anne Rose Lariat - Lavender
gsakowskidesigns for crocheted neck wearables

Autumn handspun art yarn
Funkyarns for handspun chunky yarn

Suzani Pillow Covers
PillowThrowDecor for pillows & throws

Pumpkin Fairy Maiden
Nushkie for needle felted dolls

You and Me print
ScrappsFleaMarket for multi-textured art prints

LVE Handmade !

24 September, 2011

Glass of Sangria recipe

My Man quite often works away from home, so it is just myself and our boys much of the time.
So, a recipe for one is just what was called for on this balmy afternoon!

One Glass of Sangria
Fill 1/3 with red wine (I used Shiraz)
1/3 with pineapple juice
1/3 with tonic water
The juice of 1/4 of an orange
1t maple syrup
One slice of orange
One strawberry, quartered
Some freshly picked mint leaves
4 blocks of ice

Stir well  

Summer in a glass!

23 September, 2011

A wooden doll named 'Peter Blue'

This was another one of those days when I sat down to muddle out a crafty idea from my own mind and it turns out instead into a craft project with the kids! However, they both get such joy from it, how can I be disappointed?

Mr Turtle wanted to sew BLUE clothes for one of the wooden dolls laying on the table. BLUE is his new favourite colour. It has been RED for the past few years. 

Happily, we had a few blue coloured pieces of felt. 
I traced around the doll onto the felt, very roughly. The hat was drawn freehand. I threaded the needle with his chosen thread and made the first stitch. The rest was all Mr Turtle.

 I'm not sure where Mr Turtle got the name 'Peter Blue'. Although it does sound reminiscent of Elsa Beskow.

 With a little less patience than his brother, Little Pipkin wanted to make a doll too. Only, this one doesn't have a name yet. Not a bad effort for an almost 3 1/2 year old methinks. 

21 September, 2011

Traffic light coloured ~ Real Fruit Iceblocks (Icy poles, Ice Lollies, Popsicles...)

 With the Hot weather we have been having, what better snack to cool off than, Pure fruit iceblocks
Not one other thing added. 
Quite simple really. 
You just need a bit of patience (and so will the children!)

Pineapple and Passionfruit
Kiwi fruit & Apple
 Work out  which fruits you would like to layer. Blend the first and put into the Iceblock container and then freeze for a few hours. Repeat with as many layers as you would like to add. Once the whole iceblock container is full and frozen ~ Remove and Enjoy!

19 September, 2011

Our Seasonal Nature Table ~ Spring

 Our Spring setting of our Season's Tree and Seasonal Nature Table has arrived.

 As we're in the absolute middle of Moving House at the moment, I was a little tempted to wait until we were relocated, before setting up for Spring.
However, as I took down the Winter Season's Tree, Mr Turtle asked for "flowers or leaves or something" and set to work. 
I didn't hear from him until he was finished half an hour later. 
The little silk ribbon roses look sweet don't they?
Sprouted Wheatgrass
 I had also sprouted wheatgrass to add to our table this year. 
It's in full bloom now and the boys pick at it all day long. They love the taste of the raw blades.

Knitted Duck post here
Knitted Chickens & little chick
Miss Spring post here
Peacock feathers collected from Nanny's garden.
Lovely Spring colours!
 What is on your Spring Table?

18 September, 2011

Pipecleaner (Chenille Stick) necklace

This is another one of those crafts that my boy came up with on his own. 
He asked if I had any beads that might have a hole large enough to fit on the pipe cleaners?
(These are 100% cotton ~ available from most tobacconists at a rather inexpensive price for those of you looking out for them.)

Little Pipkin sat and threaded ever so carefully. Once finished, together we made a loop and hook at the ends. He is able to hook and unhook the necklace himself, in the mirror. Which he has been doing all day!

16 September, 2011

Needle Felted Spring Maiden? Introducing 'Lady Spring' ღ

There are definite similarities between my Autumn Harvest Mother -> Mother Earth experience 
and this Spring doll for our Seasonal Nature Table.

At craft group over the last few weeks we have all been creating our Spring Maidens.
Bright fleece colours were spread across our working table. 
Our mentor guiding us through the process; Fleecing and Needle felting. 
Thoughts & chatter of youth and purity hummed in the air.

And then I took my unfinished 'Maiden' home to finish.

You can see what happened next! 
Thoughts of new life and fertility crept into my mind as the product of Spring.

 So, instead. Introducing my "Lady Spring". 
Absolutely Full of Life. 
Frivolity (see, she's dancing?). 
& Happiness.

Her beautiful rainbow river of hair is from Indigo Inspirations.

So now we have Spring Girls as we change the Seasonal Table. 
Cheering away the darker colours of winter and giving a sense of music in the air.

15 September, 2011

Winners of "My first ever ~ HINTERLAND MAMA GIVEAWAY!"

Firstly, can I please say a HUGE thank you to every one of you, who read my meanderings every few days. And to those who give me encouragement and feedback via comments. I love to read what you think at the end of each post.

My blog began as a sort of diary and has become a like-minded support network too. I am finding the online community one I am truly enjoying being a part of.

Also, thank you for helping me promote my little blog. I am extremely grateful!

And so, now to the most alluring part of this post ~ The Winners!

Congratulations to the Molllie Makes Issue 1 Winner:
Hallie of the blog Our Broken Road
Hallie said...

I love your post and pictures about the addition to your nighttime rhythym.... Did you happen to make the scarecrow doll? I think you said his name is Pipkin? I would LOVE to know where you found him or the pattern for him... My girls would love to have one of those!! And I would LOVE to have the copy of Molly Makes if I win! :) Thanks so much for the chance!! I'm off to look at you blog some more! :)
September 13, 2011 3:10 AM 
*I liked you on FB too! :) *
September 13, 2011 3:14 AM 
- - - - 

Congratulations to the Patchkin Gnome Trio winner:
DaffodilAngel said...
*Congratulations on your anniversary. I am going to give your falafel recipe a try, plus maybe the chia seed shortbread and the spicy tomato potatoes. I also really love the little treasure bags tutorial. The gnomes are my favourite in your give-away. :) *
September 7, 2011 11:03 AM  

- - - - 

Congratulations to the 15cm Baltic amber bracelet winner:
ohangelina of the blog Oh angelina
ohangelina said...
*hiya, i will followyoU!*
September 8, 2011 12:10 AM  
- - - - 

I have contacted two of these winners, but have been unable to find the email address for DaffodilAngel, so PLEASE contact me as soon as you can, so that I can post your gift out to you in the very near future!
The gifts are on their way!

Thank you to each of you who entered.
again, to all of you, who read along with me.
 • . :°•..•°☆:.••
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