26 August, 2011

Wool Felt Fruit ~ lovingly hand-created

 We began making Felt Fruit during craft sessions a while ago.
Any fellow School Crafties reading this will know, it has taken me a while to finish my little collection. 
But as you can see, I am now happily there!

On comparison with real strawberries, I decided there was a variation in
the seed colour. Mostly citrus. So this variegated floss worked well.
Spot the Felt strawberry.
(Hand print painting C/- Little Pipkin.)
  I am afraid I can't take credit for any of the patterns. They were all masterminded by other clever Craft Group members.

Seasonal fruit is of course perfect for our Nature Table. 

I just love hand~sewing, & the quality wool felt is so wonderful to touch and work with. 

Left side by Jo. Right side by Me.
My kiwi has been donated to the School Treasure House.

My felt Banana pieces were cut out for
a looong time before completion.
 Yes, these do take time, but I have loved making each piece of fruit and I think I shall make even more as gifts.

What do you think of these special little wonders?


  1. I think they are very cleverly made and you are very very patient! The strawberry is really quite life like - in fact all of them look very real. Lucky friends who receive these as gifts!!

  2. Thanks Evi. You say the loveliest things x

  3. Your fruit looks so great! I also had made some felt food for my kids, and got so addicted, that now I've sold some and can't stop the felt creations. Your banana is particularly awesome! I can make sandwich sets, but for some reason, the bananas with peel have intimidated me too much to try yet... maybe I'll have to try now :)

  4. Hi Sunshine Mama!
    I completely understand where you're coming from. I have looked at many blogs, photos and etsy~ and seen some beautiful Felt Food! I can see it could become very addictive.♥

  5. would said patterns be available to rest of us at any point?! these are lovely!

  6. Thanks Regina :)
    I need to speak with my crafty ladies.
    I'm not comfortable with posting patterns that I didn't create. But I'm super pleased you like them. I think they turned out well.

  7. oh these are just wonderful! i really love the orange and the banana x

  8. Wow, these turned out wonderfully! I love working with felt- it does take a little extra time- but it is so worth it. I look forward to checking out your blog!

  9. Welcome Laura and April. Thanks so much for dropping in! I love that you like what you see ♥

  10. holy cow! those are so great! i think i like the orange best...and the kiwi...and the banana.

  11. Lovely of you to say Freedom Three! I love that - 'Holy Cow ' ღ


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