16 August, 2011

Who's a lucky girl then?

Over the last two weeks I have received 4 magazines in the mail!

3 are subscriptions (my family know this is one of my favourite birthday pressies!) and one was a VERY special find by my Sister in Law...

Grass Roots August/Sept issue (not pictured, sorry)
Felt Issue 5
Living Crafts Summer Issue 
Mollie Makes Issue 1!!! 
- Did you know the print copy has sold out the world over? You can't even buy a back issue from the people themselves. Very exciting ~ Thanks so much Mellie!

I also received a block of beeswax from a crafty friend of mine! 
Well, I wanted to try rubbing them with beeswax, but I needed some...
(Wow ~ Thanks Arzu!)

I also over the last two weeks have been working on my 'Sending Love Heart Swap' organised by Linda at Natural Suburbia
This is a sneak peek...

And I have finished these cute little fellas, a friend asked me to make for her little ones. 
Her family have been waiting on me for quite a while on these... (apologies Alicia!)

Looking at all of my bright colours in this post, I think Spring is in the air!

Hope you've had some exciting mail and a productive time too!


  1. What lovely magazines! Your knitted horse is beautiful! Wonderful and colourful post:)

  2. I also receive all those magazines although I am still yet to receive my first copy of Mollie Makes...can't wait.
    Love your horses...they are beautiful ♥Jo

  3. Always so special to hear you like my knitting, Linda ♥

    Sounds like we have a few things in common Jo!

  4. package received today upon our arrival home from visiting my parents- we fled her home in front of the hurricane that is due soon! will write more when we get back into routine but LOOOOOOOOVE!!!!


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