18 August, 2011

Sister Sun's Ginger Biscuits

 Thank You! 
To Evi of Sister Sun for her Ginger Biscuit recipe... 
Very thoughtful of you to post them for us!

 We found time to make a batch of our own yesterday...
Little Fingers always are at the ready to help in the kitchen. 

Our amendments were due to what we had in the pantry. 
Maple for golden syrup,  Fresh Ginger for ground ginger...etc... 
We also added a handful of Rolled Oats. They worked in, well!

And not only were the cooked biccies considered 'YUM' by each of us...
the batter was too...ahem!

Thanks again Evi ~ love reading your ponderings at Sister Sun.


  1. Hey lovely Mama! Thank you for your kind words. I'm so pleased you tried them out....and I am going to try them with the oats and fresh ginger! Although I dare say that you probably grow the ginger in your backyard up there in sunny Qld!! xx

  2. I know we ought to grow our ginger, but sadly not yet! However we do live not too far away from 'The Ginger Factory'in Yandina!

  3. Wow, those biscuits look so tasty.

  4. They turned out very nicely Kelly. The recipe is on Evi's blog: Sister Sun.♥


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