20 August, 2011

Out and About at the Cooroy Local Library

We love our local library.
In fact, I have made it a point of habit to join the local library 
in every part of the world I have lived in. 

We were lucky enough to have moved to this area on the Sunshine Coast, 
soon after the Cooroy Library opened it's doors. 

 Outside there's plenty to do, 
like balance on the rocks.

 Tumble down the hill.

 Or to just sit and contemplate.

Inside of course, there's more!
Including - along with TVs, computer games, Internet, e-books, a cafe, 
2nd hand book store, conference rooms, Outside ambient area, 
Children's area with both indoor and outdoor sections, organised events...
...they have Real Books!

.:*It's quite a wonderful place to while away, half the day*:.

We came home with a couple of lovely Real Books
I'd like to give a special mention to:

I think our children may just have inherited our passion for books, 
and hopefully soon the written word.


  1. Your library sounds lovely, thanks for the book links:)

  2. We love the library too and often have a huge pile of books out on loan. Yours sounds wonderful.

  3. We often max our cards out! We don't watch TV, but often borrow DVDs for Friday "TV afternoon" or spoken word CDs to listen to sometimes, when we're having "quiet time".
    Yes, it's a lovely library and linked to many others, so we have loads of books to choose from.

  4. you are very lucky....our library is not as exciting as yours....great books too!!
    ♥ Jo

  5. Thanks Jo. Yes we are VERY lucky and are grateful x


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