08 August, 2011

Little Pipkin's Wool Fleece Tree Idea

I was doing some Needle Felting today. 
(I've had many broken needles when I have let my 3 year old have a turn, so I try hard to do this activity alone...)
However, Little Pipkin wanted of course to "Make something Too!"
So I stopped working on my project and asked "Ok, what would You like to make?". 
"A Tree!!!" was his response. 

Don't you just love their inspired ideas?
So I sent him outside to collect some sticks. He was back in a flash. I let him select some fleece for his tree, gave him some Blu-tak for the base and he was off.

Pretty great really?

We were both proud of Little Pipkin. They turned out well!
I had stopped my needle felting by now to grab the camera.

I'll have to pop this one away in the memory bank.
He played with these trees for an entire hour!


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