28 August, 2011

Indigo Inspirations Craft Delivery!

We received our totally Gorgeous, Colourful & Feel Good parcel from INDIGO INSPIRATIONS this week.
The craft group were obviously feeling Spring in the air, looking at these beautiful rainbows we ordered...see below...
Hand-dyed English Leicester Fleece posie
Hand-dyed Rainbow Wool Felt
Mermaids 16ply hand-painted wool
Getting help (Who could stay away?).
Little fingers winding skein into balls.
Holland wool felt
Hand painted Rainbow 16ply wool skein
 I will tell you that Jo of INDIGO INSPIRATIONS provides absolutely fabulous customer service. Their prices are great!, their delivery was super speedy and their products are, well, *WOW*!

If you would like to indulge yourself craft-wise (or in fact, even book-, toy- or kits- wise).
Online you can find Indigo Inspirations in many ways - the blog; on etsy; on facebook; or indeed on their own online shop.


  1. oh thanks so much Aleta.....you are very kind. I am so glad you are happy with your box of goodies.
    I love your blog♥♥♥

  2. All that woolly goodness is just so gorgeous! Your craft group is sure to come up with some inspirational ideas - I'll be waiting for your tutes!!
    Thanks for the Indigo link - there's a lot of good stuff over there!

  3. Thanks Jo! I love YOUR blog too!

    Hi Evi - I'm always happy to recommend a company who deserves it. And these guys totally do :)
    Tutorials? Think think, think. See what I can do ♥

  4. what luscious, luscious colours - those materials must be HEAVEN to work with!


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