07 August, 2011

How To: Wet Felting Soap on a Rope

 Have you ever wondered what to create with your little ones to make as a present, that is both simple for children of all ages and a practical gift?
Well, soap on a rope might be just the thing!
Mr Turtle and I made a couple of gifts while Little Pipkin was napping. It took us about an hour.

Crochet, plait or finger knit a length of yarn for the loop which will hang the soap in the shower or on the bath.

I tied the first 'rope' around the width of the soap. I think in hindsight it is much more practical to tie the loop around lengthwise. But this photo looks pretty doesn't it? Just like a gift...

Choose the fleece you would like to use. 
Here is Mr Turtle's choice (making for a friend at school)

To begin, wrap the fleece around the soap, alternate directions. Then carefully pour over hot water. Of course additional soap is not required for this project!
Rub the fibres gently to allow them to begin to combine.

I found wrapping the whole lot in netting (tulle, a sock, stocking...), nice and tightly, helped Mr Turtle to keep all of his fleece spread evenly across his soap. Especially during the early felting stage.
Whenever the foam becomes cold, pour over more hot water (watch those little fingers!) and repeat as necessary...

Just another of the fun parts to this activity!

As with all wet felting. Begin tenderly, letting your movements become more vigorous as the fibres start to combine and felt. 
Keep going until you feel the felt is solid, won't come apart with use and still feels soft enough to rub on your body in the bath. 
Rinse in cold water and dry in the sun.

Wrap prettily and give your gift to a loved one, with a smile!


  1. Thankyou. I have seen tutes for wet felting soap before, but you make it look and sound so very, very easy! Which it is I suppose! I think when the weather warms up enough we might just have to give it a go :o)

  2. This looks lovely! Thank you so much for sharing:)

  3. I have always wanted to know how to do this....thanks so much......fantastic gift
    Xoxo Jo

  4. Thanks for coming by everyone, I just love reading your comments!

    Yes, this project is so much simpler than you would think, once you sit down and muddle it out.
    We used Organic, Hand made, Olive oil soap. So a bit of extra luxury and goodness to gift ღ

  5. What a wonderful idea, I love it. Must make some of these for christmas gifts, thanks for the inspiration!

  6. Lovely, someone will have a nice tubby time with this gift!

  7. Thanks for popping on over Natalie and Melissa!
    Gorgeous comments.
    I really enjoyed having a look through both of your lovely blogs, lots of good crafty stuff! x


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