04 August, 2011

Folding Origami paper boxes

I have always been fascinated by Origami ~ the traditional Japanese art of paper folding.
So many times I have wondered when will my boys be old enough to enjoy this focussed activity. 
Well, it seems, the answer is now.

I found this book (complete with paper) at the op-shop. 
We brought it home and Little Pipkin chose a project, then off we went!

 Mr Turtle is five and I think now was just the right time for him to find this activity do-able and enjoyable. Mr Pipkin is three and predominately right-brained. So now was the right time for him it appears.

Sometimes you have to 'just do' and see what happens.
And I have found with children, if the timing is right~ 
Magic Happens!

  • . :°•..•°☆:.••

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  1. This is such impressive origami for such small hands to be mastering! It's a lovely artform isn't it - so peaceful and satisfying. And I love your pics, as always!


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