03 August, 2011

Digging and harvesting Peanuts!

 We buy our peanuts from a sweet couple who grow them, at the Thursday Cooroy markets.
Last year they handed each of my boys 2 pods each to 'take home and plant in the garden'. And so, they did!

 The plants have died off now, so we decided to harvest them over the weekend.

First plant pulled up, jackpot!

Inspecting every root of the pulled up plants.

 Digging, just in case...

Our very exciting 'harvest' has been put aside in our seeds collection to plant at a later date. 
(After we each tasted a couple of course!)
Then we decided to buy some at the next Cooroy markets. 
Perhaps we won't need to next year...

Wikipedia says: 
"The peanut, is a species in the legume or "bean" family. The cultivated peanut was probably first domesticated in the valleys of Peru.
The flowers are a typical peaflower in shape. After pollination, the flower stalk elongates causing it to bend until the ovary touches the ground. Continued stalk growth then pushes the ovary underground where the mature fruit develops into a legume pod, the peanut.
Peanuts are known by many other local names such as earthnutsground nutsgoober peasmonkey nutspygmy nuts and pig nuts."


  1. How amazing and and wonderful!! Thank you for sharing this:)

  2. Something a little different, isn't it?
    Thanks for the comments Ladies. I LOVE comments!


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