12 August, 2011

Crocheted Fern Leaf Gift

 Crocheted, Cotton Fern Leaves.

You may think it's an unusual birthday gift? 
Well, little 'E' turned ONE recently. 
Ahhh, his first trip around the Sun!
  • His parents are very into our local Flora (& Fauna).
  • E's name means 'Tree' (well, a Fern is a plant!)
  • & his Mama is in a crafty place right now...
Happily, they all Got It ~ which means a lot to me, because of course, 
these leaves were made with loads of Love.

I found the pattern within the pages of this beautiful book 

As an aside, I need to get the Sister book to this one 

...it's on my Book Depository Wishlist...

Happy Birthday 'E'
Another very special year ahead for you, I'm sure!


  1. Ooo I have that first book, love it! and you really didn't need to add another book to my wishlist!

  2. I KNOW Shannon...Right?
    My Wishlist on The Book Depository is now TWELVE pages long!!!
    I'm certainly a book-a-holic, Oh how I love them.

    Thanks sooo very much for reading along, you must know I just adore your blog ♥

  3. Your fern leaves are gorgeous! Thanks for the book links :)

  4. Hmm, I have my book list on Fishpond and it's only 1 1/2 pages long - I thought that was being a bit ambitious until now!! Mind you, it's about to be two books longer, thanks for that !!!

  5. The ferns (one of my favorites) turned out lovely! Those books look excellent, I'll have to see if I can locate nice, used copies. (I'm a bit of a book addict too)

  6. Hi Melissa ~ Op Shops and 2nd hand book sales, Oh My! It's often even costly to let me loose around those places too. A recently bought SIX books from one Op Shop...now I need some time to read them...

  7. I am pretty addicted to crocheting at the moment...and funnily enough just bought 2 books a couple of night ago on fishpond. I am off to our craft group tomorrow to learn how to do wrist warmers.

  8. Oh, these are lovely too! (Sadly, I don't knit. Someday...someday...) I'm so enjoying exploring your blog. So many sweet projects and wonderful ideas.

  9. Dionne ~ I am completely self taught to crochet. Over several nights, from a book (when little babes were sleeping), in bed!
    With a little perserverance you too will be able to accomplish it, I'm sure!
    Thank you too for your exploring and sweet comments. I just love comments :)


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