31 August, 2011

August 2011 Favourite Photo

Sunshine Coast Hinterland.
This is where we live.
So easy to breathe...
From this month.
This moment is forever preserved.
To be remembered always.

29 August, 2011

Glue, Scissors, Paper

Often, I find myself trying to come up with an 'interesting' craft for my boys to do. However, recently I learnt a lesson.
ANY craft can be interesting 
~ as long as Mama is around to watch/help/participate when asked!

There has been a lot of rain lately and keeping my boys interested when Inside for many hours on Home days can sometimes be a challenge.

This activity was a simple as putting all of our glue, scissors, paper and other drawing type items on the dining room table.
And they spent around half an hour, very intently focussed...

Pip created his elephant.

Mr Turtle created his Dingo picture.

It may not always be this simple, but sometimes it can be.
Lesson learnt by this busy Mama.

28 August, 2011

Indigo Inspirations Craft Delivery!

We received our totally Gorgeous, Colourful & Feel Good parcel from INDIGO INSPIRATIONS this week.
The craft group were obviously feeling Spring in the air, looking at these beautiful rainbows we ordered...see below...
Hand-dyed English Leicester Fleece posie
Hand-dyed Rainbow Wool Felt
Mermaids 16ply hand-painted wool
Getting help (Who could stay away?).
Little fingers winding skein into balls.
Holland wool felt
Hand painted Rainbow 16ply wool skein
 I will tell you that Jo of INDIGO INSPIRATIONS provides absolutely fabulous customer service. Their prices are great!, their delivery was super speedy and their products are, well, *WOW*!

If you would like to indulge yourself craft-wise (or in fact, even book-, toy- or kits- wise).
Online you can find Indigo Inspirations in many ways - the blog; on etsy; on facebook; or indeed on their own online shop.

26 August, 2011

Wool Felt Fruit ~ lovingly hand-created

 We began making Felt Fruit during craft sessions a while ago.
Any fellow School Crafties reading this will know, it has taken me a while to finish my little collection. 
But as you can see, I am now happily there!

On comparison with real strawberries, I decided there was a variation in
the seed colour. Mostly citrus. So this variegated floss worked well.
Spot the Felt strawberry.
(Hand print painting C/- Little Pipkin.)
  I am afraid I can't take credit for any of the patterns. They were all masterminded by other clever Craft Group members.

Seasonal fruit is of course perfect for our Nature Table. 

I just love hand~sewing, & the quality wool felt is so wonderful to touch and work with. 

Left side by Jo. Right side by Me.
My kiwi has been donated to the School Treasure House.

My felt Banana pieces were cut out for
a looong time before completion.
 Yes, these do take time, but I have loved making each piece of fruit and I think I shall make even more as gifts.

What do you think of these special little wonders?

24 August, 2011

Sabre Tooth Succulent Teeth

I would prefer plants to remain in their naturally beautiful state.
Like this very large spiky succulent growing in our front yard.

But - you have to appreciate my children's ingenuity!

"How to become an impressive Sabre Tooth Tiger"

22 August, 2011

Visiting little creature

 What gorgeous little creature came waddling down the hill?
Squint closely, can you see?

 We raced up for a closer look, but if you can believe it, the little soul was too fast for us.

And burrowed amongst the leaves.

 Until we couldn't see it anymore (or so it thought).

Source: Ian Sanderson, at Australia Zoo
Yes, it was an echidna.
We're all buzzing from such a beautiful gift.

20 August, 2011

Out and About at the Cooroy Local Library

We love our local library.
In fact, I have made it a point of habit to join the local library 
in every part of the world I have lived in. 

We were lucky enough to have moved to this area on the Sunshine Coast, 
soon after the Cooroy Library opened it's doors. 

 Outside there's plenty to do, 
like balance on the rocks.

 Tumble down the hill.

 Or to just sit and contemplate.

Inside of course, there's more!
Including - along with TVs, computer games, Internet, e-books, a cafe, 
2nd hand book store, conference rooms, Outside ambient area, 
Children's area with both indoor and outdoor sections, organised events...
...they have Real Books!

.:*It's quite a wonderful place to while away, half the day*:.

We came home with a couple of lovely Real Books
I'd like to give a special mention to:

I think our children may just have inherited our passion for books, 
and hopefully soon the written word.

18 August, 2011

Sister Sun's Ginger Biscuits

 Thank You! 
To Evi of Sister Sun for her Ginger Biscuit recipe... 
Very thoughtful of you to post them for us!

 We found time to make a batch of our own yesterday...
Little Fingers always are at the ready to help in the kitchen. 

Our amendments were due to what we had in the pantry. 
Maple for golden syrup,  Fresh Ginger for ground ginger...etc... 
We also added a handful of Rolled Oats. They worked in, well!

And not only were the cooked biccies considered 'YUM' by each of us...
the batter was too...ahem!

Thanks again Evi ~ love reading your ponderings at Sister Sun.

16 August, 2011

Who's a lucky girl then?

Over the last two weeks I have received 4 magazines in the mail!

3 are subscriptions (my family know this is one of my favourite birthday pressies!) and one was a VERY special find by my Sister in Law...

Grass Roots August/Sept issue (not pictured, sorry)
Felt Issue 5
Living Crafts Summer Issue 
Mollie Makes Issue 1!!! 
- Did you know the print copy has sold out the world over? You can't even buy a back issue from the people themselves. Very exciting ~ Thanks so much Mellie!

I also received a block of beeswax from a crafty friend of mine! 
Well, I wanted to try rubbing them with beeswax, but I needed some...
(Wow ~ Thanks Arzu!)

I also over the last two weeks have been working on my 'Sending Love Heart Swap' organised by Linda at Natural Suburbia
This is a sneak peek...

And I have finished these cute little fellas, a friend asked me to make for her little ones. 
Her family have been waiting on me for quite a while on these... (apologies Alicia!)

Looking at all of my bright colours in this post, I think Spring is in the air!

Hope you've had some exciting mail and a productive time too!

14 August, 2011

Lightning Process ~ Free Talk in Noosa!!!

Many of us may know someone who's life has been affected by Chronic Fatigue Syndrome (CFS), Myalgic Encephalomyelitis (ME) & Fibromyalgia (FM).

I know I do.

I also have a very special friend, who treats these precise conditions.
His name is Ian Cleary and he is Australia's most experienced Lightning Process practitioner.

If you are on the Sunshine Coast or know somebody who is, that would benefit from hearing what Ian Cleary has to say ~ here is a wonderful opportunity for you,
for FREE.

These free 1-hour talks are suitable for both healthcare practitioners and sufferers of these conditions. Space is limited so bookings are essential.

The talk will cover topics such as:

·     Is recovery possible? Hear other people’s stories

·     What role does brain function and neural plasticity play?
·     The Lighting Process, the success rate and who is it best suited to?

Chronic Fatigue Syndrome is traditionally seen as difficult to treat but the Lightning Process approach has been finding success rates of around 85%. Ian Cleary specialises in this and similar conditions such as ME and Fibromyalgia. He pioneered this technique in Australia and now runs clinics here and in New Zealand. He is a passionate advocate of educating and empowering people to take charge of their health and speaks with equal passion. 

NOOSA – The “J” Noosa Junction

Thurs 18th Aug 6-7pm
Sat 20th Aug 2-3pm

MAROOCHYDORE – Millwell Rd Community Centre
Tues 23rd Aug 6.30 – 7.30pm
Sat 27th Aug 2.30 – 3.30pm

To book a place please phone  07 3102 4043 or go to www.iancleary.com

He is a very interesting and totally lovely person.
(gorgeous family too!)
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