13 July, 2011

Wet felted Gnome & felted wool beads

Mr Turtle's Rock Gnome

We began with the book:
I cut templates drawn in the book, from reusable foam.
Mr Turtle used the centre one.
The one to the right was for the bundled baby gnome.
The one to the left, I have made longer and taller for a future project.

Mr Turtle wrapped his gnome template in his chosen sheep's wool fleece colours and proceeded to wet felt it with hot water and olive oil soap.
He used the method I have blogged about in these posts:

I knew this little guy would be played with quite a bit. 
So we used several layers of fleece to make him quite sturdy. 
And A coin sewn into the base for weight 
and ease of standing on all sorts of surfaces!

Mama began the job 
(holding the coin in at the same time was a bit tricky).

Mr Turtle is quite competent in hand~sewing now.

And pleased with the result!

Wet felting is LOADS of fun.
Water and soap bubbles, everywhere...
Who cares, when smiles abound?

Mr Pipkin made his own project.

A necklace for a good friend of ours, who cares for Mr Pipkin one day a week.
Complete with a beautiful Wild wooden bead  (in the centre) from Chunky Timbers.

Such a great craft to keep everyone smiling and occupied for an hour or so.

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