07 July, 2011

Wet felted bundled gnome baby

Wet felting!
What's not to love?
  • It feels great. 
  • It's fun ~ for both Big and Little Fingers. 
  • The result looks great. 
  • It's a natural process. 
  • It's a craft and an art form... 
Need I go on?

We began with the book:

Wool tops & a template copied from the Creative Felt book
(traced & cut out onto bendable and re-usable foam)
I wrapped the wool around the template and Little Pipkin helped
to do 'the most funnest' part.
Hot water, Organic soap and lots of rubbing.
As the tops began felting together.
Soap bubbles squeezed out
A tiny slit made with scissors.
You can see the red foam template inside.
It is so pliable, it comes out easily through the small hole.
A little more hot water, soap and rubbing around the opening,
made a smooth peep hole.
With wool stuffing, the felt became a wee bundled baby.
A few simple stitches of thread completed him.
His (well played with) Winter Family
gathered around the new arrival.
How to make & sew the simple family felt gnomes here.


  1. These are the dearest little gnomes. I love the baby especially. I can imagine a beautiful nativity created in this style.

  2. Our Season's Table doesn't feel right without a gnome or two!
    I must admit, I have thought about the bundled baby in a stable cradle, once or twice, myself. ღ


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