03 July, 2011

Underwater World, Mooloolaba - Adventure on the Sunshine Coast

A little something different this post.
For friends and family checking in. 
Our recent visit to Underwater World, Mooloolaba

Here we are. The Happy Family.

Below ~ THE Seal Kiss, with 'Bella':
5 year old Mr Turtle just LOVED the experience.
3 year old Little Pipkin, grinned and bared it.
We bought a Family Pass in February. Underwater World was affected by the January floods here and had to close. So, they made available a fantastic deal that we just couldn't pass up! 

We've been 4 times this year so far...
Concentrating on the Seal Show
Playing with the dress ups
IN the fish bowl.
The Seal Show.
We HAVE to see this show each time we go.
Unfortunately (for we grown-ups) the script has been the same each time.
My boys still giggle at the appropriate parts though (and I can always knit).
A model of a real shark's jaw.
Who wouldn't love the touch pool?
Little Pipkin at peace.
What a nice way to slow down, zone out and reconnect.
Watching the fish from INside the aquarium.
And why did I write 'Adventure' in the title? Well, I guess our boys are at that age now (5 & 3), that they think everything is an Adventure and make it so. 
We always seem to bring an 'Adventure Backpack' with us. This contains a sketch book, sketch pencil, binoculars, magnifying glass, miner's hat, rope amongst other essential pieces...
So Sweet !

Underwater World is A really very family friendly place.

And with our family pass, we can stay for as little or as long as we like 
~ generally decided by sleep requirements and moods!

There's so many reasons we're really enjoying living up here on the Sunshine Coast. 
We're still feeling blessed. 
As well as the great weather, there's truly so much to do!

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