23 July, 2011

Strawberry Fields Forever

What a wonderful way for a young family (such as ours!) to spend a sunny Saturday morning.
We went Strawberry picking this morning at Eumundi.

Here are some photos of the gorgeous setting where both sweet juiciness and smiles were abundant!

Yes, I was picking too!
 Wearing boots turned out to be a very good idea!

And what was requested on the menu for lunch? I had planned salad sandwiches...but the requests came in as: 'ham & strawberry' and 'avocado & strawberry'.
And do you know? They ate every last crumb!



  1. So much fun and I love the rainbow coloured trousers :)

  2. It was a wonderful morning Linda! Very sweet and relaxed :)

    The rainbow shorts I made for both boys AND made them both pants too. About a year ago. They still wear them All The Time! So sweet, aren't they?


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