01 July, 2011

A Slow Crafted gift for a Two (2) year old boy

 Recently we were lucky enough to all be invited along to share the 2nd year birthday celebration of our little friend, 'O'.
His family are part of our Steiner School Community, so I thought perhaps a Waldorf inspired theme would be appreciated. 
And besides, I am so immersed in this style of slow crafting right now, I really enjoy creating in this way.

Materials: Winter inspired coloured fleece and a cat's ball toy.
I wet felted the fleece around the cat ball and then dried it in the sun.
I think the finished piece looks a little like our Earth Globe
Again, our Sunshine Coast wintery colours in hand~dyed felt.
I have made these wee pocket folk dolls before and written about them here.

I am pleased with how his head turned out.
A very talented and experienced Steiner friend of mine has a
theory. That the dolls heads are often sewn in this way to
represent fontanelles on a child's head.
Again, our Sunshine Coast wintery colours
Placing his head unfortunately doesn't look too dignified.
Another reason most actions in doll making are perhaps
best performed away from the eyes of our children.
His reverse side.
A plaited wool scarf (removable for 'dressing').
A beanie style hat which is sewn on and looks rather Russian.
(Although it's not quite that cold up here!)

And finally. The gifts for both 'O' and his big sister 'A', were treasure bags. Each complete with a hand selected crystal. Created with both love and intent by each of my little guys. 
I have posted about their Felt Treasure Bags here.

Happy Birthday 'O'!


  1. this is all so beautiful. i love each piece that you hand made and gifted. i feel more relaxed looking at them now. xxx

  2. Hi Angelina! Thanks for popping by.
    Great that you like what you see.
    I've just had a peek at your blog too - lots of goodness.
    We have craftiness & West Aust in common ~ I was born in Geraldton.
    Happy to meet you ღ

  3. What lovely, caring gifts you and your little ones have created. So pleasing to see and to read about!

  4. Thank you Melissa. How lovely of you to say.
    And very pleasing for me to share. Thanks for dropping in!

  5. What lovely gifts, they are sure to be treasured.

  6. What a lucky little guy to receive those lovely gifts! You have made some really beautiful hand crafts - I'm quite taken with that tiny felted earth!

  7. Mummyzilla ~ I have been over to your blog and like what I see! Your UFO's are Very relevant to the shelves of my crafty space too.
    I especially enjoyed your recent tutorial on upcycling. So many very useful tips.
    Thanks for coming by to take a look over my way ღ

  8. Evi, hello!
    Such heartfelt, inspiring, personal posts. Your blog was an absolute delight to stroll through.
    Thank you for making your way over to see what we get up to.


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