14 July, 2011

Quiet Winter Fossil & Tree Bark Cocoons

Isn't this a sweet little plate of all things Winter?
So unassuming, peaceful, natural and quiet.

The three cocoons?
2 we recently found attached to a tree and the stone, I found today at the Cooroy markets, labelled as a 'fossil cocoon'. 
(I don't want to be a doubting mama, but a feel it's actually perhaps concrete or clay at only A$1 per fossil! However, I'm sure my boys will love it just as much as I do.)

As I said, we recently found these two cocoons, embedded in the bark of a gum (eucalypt) tree, on a friend's property.
I would love to know which creatures created them, if anyone has an idea...?

All of these papoose like cocoons, reminded me of something else recently created and very wintery.
What do you think?

Art imitates Nature, imitates Art!
Well, Craft, in this case.



  1. What beautiful treasures, thank you so much for visiting my blog:)

  2. The cocoons are very cool but that tall ice castle looking stone looks absolutely perfect for a winter table. Can you share what it is? (Oh, and I love the little papoose gnome! Great idea.)

  3. Hi Dionne!
    The crystal castle is made of Selenite. Yes, I agree, very wintry.
    The papoose bundled gnome baby, I posted about here:http://lovesbyletabon.blogspot.com/2011/07/wet-felted-bundled-gnome-baby.html
    Thanks so much for coming by x


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