28 July, 2011

Pomona King of the Mountain Race Day

As I am sure I have said before, there is so much to do up here on the Sunshine Coast, Queensland, Australia. It is such a wonderful place to live. And we are currently being blessed with some very mild (in fact, warm and dry during the day), Winter weather. 

On the weekend, Pomona celebrated it's 32nd annual King of the Mountain Festival and Race.
And we were there!
Such a beautiful setting. The view from the top of Hill St, overlooking Cooroora mountain is actually my most favourite view on the entire Sunshine Coast. It is truly majestic. 
The King of the Mountain Race, is to the top and back of Cooroora mountain and the race is recognised internationally.
It was quite a sight to see so many folk from all over the world, descend on this small idyllic Hinterland town.
There was so much for each of us to enjoy.

Pip stroking a python
Watching the bigger kids
Climbing trees overlooking the Sk8r display.
Mama was kept occupied by the
Yarn Bombed trees.
All sorts of Market Stalls, including local and crafty ones.
Wood- oven pizza & Pip's drinking Biodynamic Milk
 in that  recycled takeaway cup!
Pumpkin Korma & Dahl for Mama, on a compostable
bamboo takeaway plate.  
Yes, there was THE big race too and stage presentations throughout the day. Workshops, cooking demos & family cookoffs. Rides for those inclined, jugglers & street performers. Other races, a poets breakfast & most of the local stores were open.
We were truly impressed with the entire set-up. 
Even the parking was managed well.
A happy, day for our whole family.
Maybe we'll see you there next year?



  1. It was Linda, and only 8 mins drive away.
    There's a national park in between us and Pomona that we drove through to get there.
    I'm sure I rave far too much about what a wonderful life we have living here. But I'm so happy and grateful!


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