20 July, 2011

My kids LOVE water play at home

Mr Turtle and Little Pipkin love playing with water, as much as any child.
When I add colour to that water, the game changes. 
Instead of splashing each other, they share and take turns.
It becomes a co-operative game. 
Usually a game called 'cafes'.

I don't mind my boys drinking at their 'cafe' either.
I'm lucky enough to have bought some beautiful, naturally made food colourings, that also reflect the colours we see around us. In the Hinterland forest, in our garden or along the roadside.

I love my India Tree colours, which have so far, lasted us a long time.

This is how they play. 
"What can I get you to drink, Sir?"
"Ooh, I think an orange juice please"

So, how do we make orange from yellow and red?
They learn so much from Just Playing, don't they?


  1. How wonderful to have this natural colouring avalable:)

  2. I'm happy to report, that over the last year, I have come across other brands readily available, similar in composition and colours.
    Ready-made colours are often less expensive than naturally colouring things ourselves, I find (eg: with blueberries, spinach, strawberries...)


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