30 July, 2011

My bear cub boys love stories!

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Of course my children aren't perfect. I love them. I think they're gorgeous. 
But right now we are experiencing similarities between them 
and two little bear cubs. 

They wrestle and squabble much more often than I would like!
I understand the sibling rivalry. I understand it's possibly 'just a stage'. 
& Speaking with other Mama friends helps with that.
One thing that has always distracted both Mr Turtle and Little Pipkin, 
is telling or reading a story to them.
Of course, I am not a perfect parent either, so I turn to others for advice and ideas.
Quite often, for me, this is in books (I am a book-a-holic actually...)

I have recently bought the book "Healing Stories for Challenging Behaviour". 
It has some really beautiful stories in it. 
A few have even brought a tear to my eye 
and a lump in my throat while reading.
The effect of reading one of these stories,
 even a single time, has really been apparent. 
These stories really seem to resonate with my children.
I am in LOVE with this book and wanted to share the title with any of you 
who may be interested and hadn't come across it before now.

As well as containing beautiful, gentle stories, 
this book provides plenty of guidance 
to strengthen your own storytelling skills.

It may not be stopping this phase we must pass through right now. 
But at least, I feel, it helps guide us in the right direction.

I also would like to point out, the stories are so beautiful, 
they are appropriate to read at any time. 
Age appropriate guidelines are included with each story.
The title perhaps is a little misleading, 
inferring that a parent ought to be experiencing an issue with their child, 
before choosing a story to read. I don't believe this is the case at all. 
I think this will be a favourite book for a few years to come, 
for all of our young family to enjoy.


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